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Couple dressed in "sporty" clothes. Man wearing teeshirt and open hoodie, Woman wearing tank with open hoodie. Stopped at stoplight in front of Subway. Waiting for light to turn green, windows open sweltering heat. Man looking at fresh stain on shirt burger in hand. After Woman biting French fry, wiping ketchup off of mans shirt and patting his protruding belly. Man looks over at woman's protruding stomach. Both put down food and zip up hoodies. VO:
1997 - Subway introduces 7 submarine sandwiches with 6 grams of fat or less.
2007 - Subway brings sexy back!
The sub revolution continues.
Couple sees another couple coming out of Subway holding "subway" sandwich bags as they both notice heat, remove hoodies and wrap them around waist. VO:
Subway. Eat Fresh.
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