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Bisquick Shake n' Pour Mix Commercial
A female hand slams alarm clock Alarm clock goes off
Shot of kitchen. Man in business suit loose tie scrambling to put breakfast food on tray: orange juice, flower, toast. Checking watch VO:
[to be filled in by product details/ facts/ informational materials]
Woman turns over to put arm around significant other, but the side is empty. She opens eyes. Looks at empty side of bed, lift head looks at bathroom with confusion.  
Shot of kitchen. Man begins to rush to stair and realizes he forgot to make pancakes. Next shot of him shaking bottle. Pouring into pan. Pancakes are done. Back to the stairs VO:
"Breakfast in bed is no longer reserved for birthdays and anniversaries."
Bedroom. Woman sits up in confusion, rubs her eyes, checks clock again. Man stands in doorway tray. Woman in shock Man: "hi"
[fill in with more product info and company slogan]
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