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Project: Creation of mock product

Creation: Mood Hair Dye, a hair dye which changes colors to match individuals mood.

Product Name: Emotion Lotion

Product Slogan: Experience the Softness of Feeling

Project: Name Needed for High School club. The name needed to be both fun and educational to meet board of education requirements.

Club Name: B3

Concept: A play on the term "cue" stick, utilizing the symbol for multiplication to the third power. The name incorporates mathematical terminology with billiards reemphasizing the club's educational benefit.

Project: A small marketing consulting group needed name and brand identity.

Company Name: Link 2 Link

Concept: The team works to connect the client with their eventual goal.

Project: A small company producing edible parties needed a name appealing to both children and adults.

Company Name: RensDen

Company Slogan: Edible Fun

Concept: A "den" symbolizes comfort and an environment for play. I incorporated the clients name into the title to expose a sense of the "small family" in the company. The short, rhyming aspect to the name is appealing and memorable to a child, yet intimate enough to suggest a "lounge-like" atmosphere.

Project: A company offering customized beat samples to recording artists, including full-service recording

Company Name: Beats Inc.



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