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Rena Prizant is a Chicago Copywriter, Advertising Creative and mammal, professionally word playing since 2002. She holds a Marketing Degree with a concentration in Advertising from DePaul University. Rena is a TalentZoo columnist and proudly volunteers with Taproot Foundation to assist not-for-profit businesses with their marketing needs.

Words have always come naturally to Rena. In fact, since the time she was little, Rena's been using them in her speech. When she turned one, Rena skipped over the first-word milestone and jumped right into phrase. She then compiled them together to make sentences and as she grew, and attended school, learned how to create paragraphs and even essays. It's no wonder that she ended up in the field of word-play.

Historically, Rena was an actress for 15 years prior to moving into Copywriting, making her well-trained in character development, or more specifically, understanding what makes people tick. Even this theatrical past is riddled with words—Words on stage; words in auditions; words in vocal training.

On a personal note, Rena is proudly bilingual and, equally proudly, left-handed.



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