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Our agency conducted research for a global fleet management client to determine appropriate audiences. Tasked with creative presentation ideas, I suggested bringing the findings to life. I developed four personas representing the target audience, including their background, goals and opinions on the “state of the industry.”

At the presentation, I introduced the clients target audience and allowed them to speak on the industry themselves via voiceover. By giving the target audience a voice, the client was able to easily comprehend and connect with the research. The presentation proved to be so successful that the president of our agency referred to it as, “the best presentation in company history.” This presentation technique is now the standard for all client presentations.

The text next to each photo is background information on each individual. Click on the each photo to hearthe voiceover.


Mike, 50
Mike, 50 years old, manages the city fleets for a mid-size Chicago suburb. With no college education, he’s been in the field since entering the job force, starting as a mechanic at one of the city’s shops and working his way up until he finally made fleet manager. Unlike other gigs he’s worked in the past, Fleet Manager is a much more professional and esteemed position. Mike is rarely out with his crew; instead he’s working in an office with a small team consisting of an assistant fleet director, fleet analyst and some guys doing accounting, shop billing and admin work.


Bob, 62
Bob, 62, is the head of a family owned and operated Construction Company started by his father after WWII. As a child, Bob’s father prepared him to take over the family business, so Bob couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Bob is construction. Childhood sweetheart, and wife, Mary is the office manager running the operation behind the scenes. Currently Bob’s two boys are in school working toward their bachelor’s degrees in Construction Management and Accounting—both are the first to receive a college education in the family. Bob expects them to take over the business upon his retirement.


Jan, 47
47-year-old Jan Pederson is the Director of Transportation at mid-size public school district in Cincinnati. She received her Bachelors degree in Communications and went to work as an office manager at a local school right after graduation while she figured out what she wanted to do with her life. While there, she fell in love with the working environment. She got to know the students, the teachers, bus drivers, etc and couldn’t imagine a more rewarding career. Jan also got to interact with parents when they called looking for their kids and reporting problems with the buses, so it was an easy transition for her when she took on the role of Transportation Director.


Manny, 37
Manny Hernandez is the owner of a school transportation company in Miami, Florida. Now in his late 30’s, Manny spent the past ten years building the business from one bus driven by him to 78 fleets serving in 4 counties. Manny’s always had an eye for business, so after high school, he took some business classes at the local community college while working for a private school bus service in the area. Eventually, Manny decided to start his own transportation company, since he already had experience, and a client-base form the local parents.


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